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LA VITA SANA - Chinese Cupping (60 Mins.)

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LA VITA SANA - Chinese Cupping (60 Mins.)

1,500.00 THB
Adult 1,500.00 THB/Per Person

Package Inclusion:

  • Health & Wellness Coach consultation and health check-up
  • Chinese massage (Tuina) 30 mins
  • Chinese cupping 30 mins

Package Description:

Experience the transformative power of Cupping therapy, an age-old Chinese alternative medicine practice where our Traditional Chinese Medicine Doctor places special cups on your skin to create a soothing suction. This timeless therapeutic tradition goes beyond merely easing physical pain, particularly in the back, and decreasing inflammation. It dynamically stimulates blood flow, enhancing the vital life force that permeates your body. More than a treatment, it is a gateway to deep relaxation and a sense of holistic well-being. People across ages and cultures embrace cupping therapy for its wide-ranging benefits, making it an invaluable asset in your journey towards optimal health. Immerse yourself in the ancient wisdom of Chinese cupping, and pave the way for a rejuvenated, healthier you.


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  • Individual Results: The outcome of treatments depends on individual circumstances.
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  • Modification Policy: Modifications are allowed only for spa times. Changes to other aspects of the reservation are subject to availability and may be restricted.
  • Cancellation Policy: Please note that there are no refunds for cancellations and/or modifications to your booking.
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  • No Food Allowed: Kindly refrain from bringing outside food into the premises.

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