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LA VITA SANA - Migraine Relief Massage (150 Mins.)

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LA VITA SANA - Migraine Relief Massage (150 Mins.)

1,800.00 THB
Adult 1,800.00 THB/Per Person

Package Inclusion:

  • Health & Wellness Coach consultation and health check-up
  • Herbal steam and fresh herbal compression then perform a migraine relief massage
  • Specialized 4-element therapy is paired with a local herbal wrap
  • A soothing herbal tea is provided to further enhance relaxation

Package Description:

Migraine is a neurological condition often characterized by severe headaches, nausea, light sensitivity, and auras. At La Vita Sana, we offer a specific treatment regimen for those suffering from frequent migraines, particularly those experiencing muscle pain in the shoulders due to heavy work, those feeling fatigued with cloudy cognition, and those suffering from frequent headaches due to strong sunlight, hot weather, or stress. 

Our Migraine Relief Massage is specifically designed to relieve muscle tension and enhance energy flow throughout the body, directly addressing the muscular tension that can contribute to migraines. The Herbal Steam treatment leverages a blend of local herbs recognized for their therapeutic effects in relieving migraines, soothing the nervous system, and promoting mental clarity. A Herbal Compress is then applied to improve circulation and help the body expel toxins, while also relieving stress, a common migraine trigger. The treatment culminates with a Local Herbs Wrap, which further uses the healing properties of native Thai herbs to alleviate inflammation and enhance overall well-being. This comprehensive approach treats the symptoms and underlying causes of migraines, offering our clients a path towards lasting relief.


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